About Indulgence Spa Products

Based in South Africa, we have created a respected reputation for our world-class products and top-notch service. We understand the luxury spa market. But, more than this, we understand that premium products should be available in homes, spas and hotels to create a sense of sumptuousness in the everyday.

We have an array of products; some are imported, and others are created locally. Indulgence carefully procures each to create a variety of goodies that promote self-care, beauty, and food for the soul.

Our products range from premium microfibre gowns to exquisitely-scented candles; from room diffusers that create a sensual retreat to gift boxes that make stunning keepsakes. The who’s who and celebrities of the world renown these robes for their superb quality. But, they’re accessible to spas, hotels and individuals that value a little sensory extravagance from time to time too.

What Sets Us Apart?

We combine prestigious products with a commitment to value and accessibility. Quality is never compromised, which assures our clients of products that are long-lasting and healthful, and make superb gifts.

What’s more, most of our products are eco-friendly and/or reusable.

It’s important to us that each client gets bespoke solutions to their needs in terms of luxurious spa products. For this reason, we customise our products and packages, complete with branding, when desired. This means that, whether you’re a small enterprise that values personal touches or an international hotel chain that needs your logo on these prestigious products, we can create the perfect spa product solution for you.