The power of the flame: burning candles for your well-being

Turn off the world and tune into yourself. Candles don't only have to be lit on special occasions, take one night a week for yourself, fill a bubble bath and surround yourself with beautifully scented soy candles. We guarantee you will feel like a new person after one hour of "YOU" time, by combining the known stress-relieving activity of soothing yourself with warm water with calming candlelight, you give yourself a double dose of relaxation.

The soft illumination of a candles burning flame has a calming effect on the mind, body and soul. When choosing your candles here are a few things to keep in mind to create the ideal tranquil atmosphere:

Always opt for soy candles

Paraffin candles release unhealthy chemicals as they burn and petroleum products are not a renewable resource. Instead, choose 100% soy based candles, which are renewable, free of toxins and biodegradable.

It's a no for artificial scents

Artificially fragranced candles contain petroleum-based synthetic compounds. We definitely suggest natural soy wax candles that are fragranced and infused with essential oils.