What comes to mind when you walk into someone's home and you are instantly whacked in the face by a pungent scent of air freshener apples or something that is supposed to smell like ocean mist but rather resembles something similar to a spritzer bottle found on top of a toilet in a bathroom from the early 1990's or a bottle of liquid that belongs in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink. 'Store bought' and 'cheap', that's what! Not very welcomingis it?

If you want that floral scent of fresh flowers in summer or that wonderful 'vanilla-ry' biscuits baking in the oven all winter long we suggest introducing some home fragrance products to your living space. You want people to walk through your front door and have that "oh wow, what is that" moment.

So first off, lets distinguish the difference between good and bad home fragrance. When we say bad, we mean artificial. A single layer aroma which is easily identifiable. A store bought air freshener, alcohol based diffuser or room spray. To some people whom may have never experienced the sheer amazingness of a high-quality home fragrance, this may not seem that bad. But it just looks and smells like you are trying to cover up some suspect odours and did a quick run to the nearest supermarket before your guests arrived. Yuck! 

A good home fragrance is high-quality. It has several different complex layers and notes of some serious top notch imported fragrance. It makes you feel like you are walking through the fresh flower fields of Grasse. 

Its identifiable, but its not. So if your fragrance is a mixture of vanilla and orchid, you can smell hints of floral vanilla greatness, not get hit in the face with pungent, overly sweet vanilla. It's subtle yet full and not subtle in the sense that it's 'only a little bit', it fills the room with luxury and opulence.

There are various different ways to achieve such a level of divine aroma in your house. You can use room diffusers, scented soy candles, gel candles, room and linen mists and fragrance disks. 

We recommend using a variation of all of these products in your home, and even creating different scent profiles for different rooms of the house, but more on that later.