Six beauty hacks that will literally change your life

Makeup artists and beauty connoisseur's have some pretty nifty secrets in their bag of tricks. Here are some unusual yet down right amazing at home makeup and beauty hacks, that we think are too good not to share.

Run out of gel liner, don't even worry about it!

Everyone loves a winged eye look every now and then. If your gel liner has dried up or you've run out, turn your regular eyeliner pencil into instant gel liner by holding the flame from a lighter over the pencil tip for a few seconds. 

Want that fake lash look last minute?

Volume lashes are a statement to any made up face, but when your friends are waiting for you to hit the town at the last minute we don't have the luxury of popping to the shop to buy a set of fakes or to have extensions done. After applying your mascara, heat your eyelash curler up with your hairdryer for 5 seconds and curl your eyelashes, for long lasting volume in seconds.

Tired of that frizz that no serum will tame?

When not even a hair straightener and all the serum in the world can tame those frizzy fly aways, opt to towel dry your hair with an old t-shirt rather than a towel. Towels have fibers that create a lot of friction. You wont look back, we promise!

Brows misbehaving?

Keep unruly brows in check by spraying an old mascara applicator brush (that you've washed) with hairspray and brush through your brows. No more misbehaving! An added bonus is it gives a surprisingly natural look as it separates the hair follicles plus your eyebrow colour will be set in place to last you all day.

Bronzer be the new bae! But how to use it properly you ask?

Bronzer is the new go to whether you're going for a natural look or a Kardashian inspired look. The tricky part of bronzer is how to properly apply it to your face. Because we do not want you looking like a piece of gold tinsel. Using a big bronzing brush, apply the product in the shape of a number three, starting at the top of your forehead, then past your temple and inwards at your cheekbone, then back out and along your jaw line. Repeat on the opposite side. Bronze babe ... easy peasy!

Red nails are lovely and all, but not when you have to take it off!

Taking red, maroon or any shade of the two off your nails with nail polish remover is an absolute nightmare. Your cuticles and most of your finger turns pink and your nail is left stained and yellow. We have the best solution. Are you ready for this? After removing nail polish, scrub your nails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. Yes, whitening toothpaste people!