How to Hygge your lifestyle. What is Hygge you ask?

Pronounced hue-gah, Hygge is a trend that is taking the world by storm. It is a Danish concept that cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. Life's simple pleasures, friendship, feeling gracious, contentment, a warm glow, having a duvet day, or enjoying family time in a space that represents elements of coziness, quality relaxation time and time for yourself and basically just living your best life are all aspects that encompass this lifestyle trend.

In short, it's leading a happier and more meaningful life.

We've come up with a few different ways to living a Hygge filled life.

Light more fires in winter

Directly translated to English, the Danish word 'hyggeligt' means warm, cozy, snug and homely and there's not much more that encompasses the feelings of warm, cosy and homely quite like a log fire in winter. It literally has all the feels. To really incorporate hygge as done by the Danish, the fire should be made with real logs. 

Decorate your living spaces with things from the Earth

Quite literally 'from the earth'. We're talking wood, greenery, stone, sand, water. The hygge lifestyle is all about incorporating what's outside into your home. Texture is the key word here. Sand textured paint on wall, cork and wooden floors, rough textured wooden tables and chairs, a pile of wood next to your indoor fireplace, you get the drift. 

Bake more

The smell of freshly baked anything undoubtedly brings a sense of love and homeliness to any household. Do it with your kids on a Sunday, in your pajamas and socks, let them decorate the cupcakes, even if you know it will look like a shambles. Don't worry about the mess, enjoy the moment, and then enjoy snuggling up on the couch with a warm drink and a blanket to enjoy said 'shambly' decorated cupcakes. 

Read a book, ditch the cellphone

Hygge is the counteraction to the modern lives we lead. It's all about living in the moment. Ditch the cell phone, curl up into your bed or get comfy on the couch and get lost in a good book or magazine. Feel the pages in your hands. There's nothing better than this during these cold winter months.

Go for a hike

Just exist in the outdoors. We are not saying "go and climb a mountain". Get the kids together and head out for a family walk. Or take your dogs for a walk. Touch tree's. Feel the earth underneath your feet. Breathe in that fresh air all around you. Reflect. 

There are many ways you can incorporate this concept into your life. We all want to be able to live a simpler life which in todays day and age is actually really difficult to achieve. We live a fast paced race, but every now and then doing some of these things just help us to take a step back and live in that moment.