Fragrances for different rooms: the how to

Like fragrances for different moods, matching fragrances for different rooms of your home is a similar concept and the likes of peppermint, citrus and lavender each have an ideal location, according to us, at least. We are going to break it down by room and then match a fragrance profile to it, tell you why we think it works best in that setting and then give you some options on how to implement them in the best way.

Living room

Your living room is likely where your family spend most of their time or where you do most of your entertaining. The scent projected from this room should be soothing, inviting and agreeable. Something on the woody side but also something quite spicy and warm. Room diffusers are great for a living room because you can set them down and basically forget about them, candles are also a good addition especially for entertaining. Try our twelve wick amethyst bowl candle or crystal decanter diffuser, both perfect for a big living room, in Asian Jasmine.


For your bedroom choose something calming and soothing like relaxing lavender or chamomile. Scents that are more on the floral side like orchid, rose or hibiscus set more of a romantic tone. Candles are a great addition in terms of decor, placed on your dressing table but can also be used to create a more romantic environment as the light they give off sets a mood. Lavender promotes sleep and relaxation and is also known to aid anxiety and insomnia. Try our fragrance disks, soy candles or room diffusers in Vanilla Lavender.


We all know that at times a bathroom can smell less than fresh. Add mild fragrance to your bathroom without using harsh sprays and commercial air fresheners. Use a reed diffuser or room mist to maintain a continuous flow of fresh scent or place soy candles around your bath or basin and light one when guests come over. A aqua or water scent is always welcomed in a bathroom setting to create a sense of freshness, cleanliness and calm. We recommend our soy candles, room mist, a reed diffuser or our luxury bathroom set in Rainforest.


Soy candles are a great addition to your kitchen and work with all the delicious aromas (and not so pleasant ones) produced while cooking. We recommend a blend of fragrance that includes a minty, lemony base with a touch of citronella and basil, peppermint, some thyme and a good dash of lavender. Try our Indulgence Defined chef candle specifically formulated to use in your kitchen.


It is common nature that as the later afternoon nears you can start to feel fatigued and drained of energy if you have been staring at your laptop for hours on end. Research has proved that peppermint and citrus have a great effect on a tired mood and can help you to feel more alert and less anxious. Try one of our Indulgence Defined citrus infused soy candle or room diffuser in Orange Vanilla.