August 27, 2018

As the seasons change and we gear up for the warmer weather, the atmosphere within our homes and living spaces are also going to change. Winter woolies and cuddling up on the couch with a wood fire are a thing of the past, and so should be the rich, warm scents of winter! 

We have some tips on how to spruce up with summery scents and get your home smelling like spring blossoms and crispy freshness.

Go light

By light we mean not heavy. Let's start the transition from spicy berries and cinnamon to light lavenders and soft scents of vanilla. Room fragrances that are a deeper yellow or orange in colour tend to be of a heavier, more rich fragrance profile, the lighter, gentle and more see through fragrances are the ones you want to introduce as the days start getting warmer. A tip is to store your room diffusers. If they have a cork or cap, close them and store them in a dark cupboard to use again in Autumn. 

Go bright

Fragrances in a home should evoke feelings of comfortable calm. Bright scents will make your living space feel alive and free. The ones that make you go "wow", what is that joyous smell!

Go floral

Vanilla Lavender, Gardenia Blossoms and Hibiscus Passion are some light, slightly sweeter, full of floral fragrances we recommend for spring and summer. Alternate with candles for entertaining and room diffusers for everyday. Open your windows and let that crisp spring breeze marry with the fruity fresh florals.

Bring on summer entertaining, pool days, family get togethers on a Sunday and champagne garden parties with the girls! 

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