December 11, 2018

Summer in South Africa is in full swing and there's something special about the feeling the season brings with it. Our homes are filled with the feeling of the holidays, warm sunlight early in the mornings and days that seem to last forever. Enjoying pool days and beautiful African sunsets with family and friends over this time of festiveness is what it's all about really. 

We've created a list of simple tools and tricks to bring this feeling of laid back bliss and summery magic into your home all year round. You don't have to live at the coast to create a sunny and light filled space that exudes all the very best things of holiday time in sunny SA. Here's what we suggest:

Light and breezy pops of colour everywhere

Bright colour pops, prints and patterns can transform any room in your home into a summery holiday home by the sea. It doesn't have to be a complete renovation, something as simple as changing up your scatter cushions, adding fresh flowers in little jars, earthy elements like wood and greenery or incorporating patterns into a somewhat dull room will uplift the room's atmosphere completely for you to enjoy some time inside when the summer rains make their daily appearance.

The smell of summer

The lasting scent of summery fragrances in your home does wonders to aid all kinds of feelings, from intense relaxation and calm to the undertone of smiles and a happy home. Think scented candles, diffusers and mists that evoke a summer feeling all year round. To have you thinking that you're lounging in paradise, go for scents that are fresh and floral, like lavender, rainforest, vanilla or passion fruit. Also opt for fresh flowers always. Even in the colder months. 

Open the windows

And let in the light. Natural light is everything. Get rid of the heavy drapes and curtains and open up your windows to let the light breezy air enter into your home. Even in the colder months, doing this will help lift your mood by letting the morning sun seep through the windows to fill the room. 

Let's get outdoorsy 

Make the most of your lazy days and warm laid back evenings by enjoying them outdoors. On your patio by the pool or just in the garden in general. Whether it's entertaining friends with a braai, beautiful summer salads and cold, crispy wine, spending your days on a day bed in the sun indulging in the best summer reads or setting up your own outdoor movie screening in the garden under fairy lights and the summer night sky, try to make the most of enjoying the outside features of your home. Create a space that can be used year round regardless of the season. 

And lastly, relive your best moments

Fill your home with photo's of the best memories you have. Sunshiny days with your children, friends, family, travelling shots, memories from last Christmas. Whatever! Print them, frame them in earthy toned frames and put them up, on a mantlepiece with some fresh flowers, of create a photo wall that incorporates wooden elements. 


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